Metal is Our Passion

Quality sheet metal work is a critical component of durable waterproofing assemblies in successful reconstruction projects.  We provide high-quality custom sheet metal fabrication and installation services.  Our work is performed under a “C-43” Contractors State License Board specialty license.

Our sheet metal work ranges from the fabrication of sheet metal flashing integral to vertical and horizontal waterproofing assemblies to custom architectural fabrications.  We are the industry leader in the design, fabrication and installation of sophisticated flashing components to meet the most rigorous requirements.  Our efforts to innovate to effectively solve complicated sheet metal flashing problem led to a patented deck edge flashing assembly.

Our well-outfitted custom sheet metal shop is equipped with cutting edge manufacturing equipment which allows us to create custom sheet metal and ornamental iron fabrications cost effectively.

When we are asked where we see the most prolific waterproofing failures, more often than not, it comes down to flexible flashings and sheet metal flashings. These are typically performed by two separate trades and, in terms of sequencing, usually spaced far apart on a project. Here at Reconstruction Services, we have bridged the gap between these two trades and the end result is worry-free performance throughout your entire project.  We don’t rely on caulking sealants or the latest product promising amazing results without any real scientific evidence. Instead we stand by the time tested methods that we know work.

Sheet Metal

Quality sheet metal work is a critical aspect of successful reconstruction projects and poor sheet metal work is often the repetitive weak link in countless construction litigation cases.


Our lathers and plasterers are specifically trained in the intricacies of lath, accessory and stucco applications and consistently perform to the highest standards.

Interior Repairs

The wide range of interior skills by our staff gives us the ability to complete work that ranges from the blood and guts of structural repairs to the finest white glove interior trim work.

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