Bringing it All Home

At Reconstruction Services, we understand your priorities and needs. The first thing most residents notice is the interior finishes after a construction project is complete. It is, after all, the space they occupy the most. With our dedicated interior crews, we can ensure that your home will be taken care of inside and out. Matching drywall textures and paint schemes is no mean feat, but we do this every day at all of our projects. We start by ensuring that the areas of your house that we aren’t working in are well protected from debris and dust particles from our efforts. We understand that keeping the rest of your home as normal as possible during construction makes all the difference.

Next, our experts replace or repair your drywall with great care. We then take paint samples for custom matching so that we can get as close of a match as possible. Often times we custom source matching materials for many of our projects as we strive to deliver the best product for our clients. Finally, we bring it all together with matching trim, casings and baseboard. Our goal is to make your home look brand new again without causing any major disruptions to your every day routines.

Sheet Metal

Quality sheet metal work is a critical aspect of successful reconstruction projects and poor sheet metal work is often the repetitive weak link in countless construction litigation cases.


Our lathers and plasterers are specifically trained in the intricacies of lath, accessory and stucco applications and consistently perform to the highest standards.

Interior Repairs

The wide range of interior skills by our staff gives us the ability to complete work that ranges from the blood and guts of structural repairs to the finest white glove interior trim work.

Other Services