A Classic Approach to Modern Contruction

Reconstruction Services is unique and successful because of its “hands-on” approach by keeping the most critical trades in house.  By self-performing carpentry, waterproofing & sheet metal flashing and stucco with our in-house specialty teams, we control scheduling and quality.  These skills are essential to the successful implementation of construction defect repairs. We have found that combining our focus on these three particular aspects of construction, we are better able to control costs and timelines for our clients. From our perspective, this approach gives us the quality control and effective sequencing of trades to provide a long-term product for our clients.

Sheet Metal

Quality sheet metal work is a critical aspect of successful reconstruction projects and poor sheet metal work is often the repetitive weak link in countless construction litigation cases.


Our lathers and plasterers are specifically trained in the intricacies of lath, accessory and stucco applications and consistently perform to the highest standards.

Interior Repairs

The wide range of interior skills by our staff gives us the ability to complete work that ranges from the blood and guts of structural repairs to the finest white glove interior trim work.

Other Services


Post Litigation Repairs