Here are the answers to some of our most commonly asked questions

What are General Conditions?

General conditions are the critical and necessary costs to cover the management and logistics of a project. The costs range from personnel costs of supervision and project management to debris removal and portable toilet facilities.

Do you have references I can contact?

In respect to the privacy of our many satisfied clients, we provide references upon request and in conjunction with contract negotiations.

Who do I contact for an estimate?
Who do I contact for billing questions?

For payment questions Priscilla Gruber For billing questions related to your specific project, please contact your Project Manager/Engineer.

What are your working hours?

Monday through Friday 730 AM to 430 PM. This can vary at certain projects.

How do I contact your sheet metal shop for orders?
Does Reconstruction Services build new structures?

No. We are not insured for new buildings, only repairs and modifications to existing ones. We have built our reputation and established our expertise in the specialty of rebuilding and restoring buildings of all types.

Does Reconstruction Services do charity work?

We are always looking for good causes to champion in the Bay Area and look for opportunities to assist. Please contact Mike Carithers Please be aware that every project will be vetted scrupulously.

Is Reconstruction Services related to AVELAR?

The companies are affiliated but are two separately owned corporate entities. Reconstruction Services was founded in 2000 by Rich Avelar and Tim Stokes, partners in AVELAR along with General Contractor, Duff Broeker. At the founding AVELAR had a limited, non-controlling interest in Reconstruction Services. Rich Avelar has retired from Reconstruction Services and there are now multiple owners, including Duff & Tim.

Why Design-Build?

Because of its initial affiliation with AVELAR, Reconstruction Services has undertaken many successful projects on a “Design-Build” basis. Design-Build is an alternative project delivery method recognized by the AIA and it is widely used because of cost and scheduling efficiencies. With design and construction responsibilities under one contract, Reconstruction Services has more than 20 years of experience in accelerating project schedules and reducing costs employing the design-build contractual format.

Does Reconstruction Services do remodels/ renovations?

Yes we do. Because we are a large company and have years of expertise in fixing construction defect issues, we can help guide you through your remodel from start to finish with a realistic budget and duration.

Can Reconstruction Services help diagnose a potential building problem?

Yes we can. We are more than happy to assist you in the first steps of troubleshooting potential water intrusion issues and will inform you of the possible repair options you have before you. If we feel that the size and scope of repairs will require further details or drawings, we can also assist you in getting those as well.

Who do I contact for mold related issues and questions?
Does Reconstruction Services use subcontractors?

Like most general contractors, we use several subcontractors in the course of our projects. However, unlike most other companies, we have a very short list of subcontractors who are reliable, dependable, cost-effective and stand behind their work.

Do you accept payment via credit card?

Yes we do. Simply contact Priscilla Gruber with your payment inquiries.

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