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Elevated moisture is the enemy of the most commonly used building materials. Whether in the form of liquid or vapor, water provides one of the major components to support fungal amplification. In fact, moisture is the only component that can be actively mitigated and controlled in the built environment. When mold growth does occur, Reconstruction Services’ remediation team can help.

Reconstruction Services is referred by doctors, legal counsel, and indoor environmental professionals regularly for the detailed and thorough work that is required for medically sensitive building occupants. Using the ANSI/IICRC S520 Standard for Professional Mold Remediation as its foundation, Reconstruction Services also incorporates the 2020 SURVIVING MOLD INDOOR ENVIRONMENTAL PROFESSIONAL PANEL CONSENSUS FOR MICROBIAL REMEDIATION in every medically important remediation project. This means that there are no anti-microbials nor encapsulants used. Since proper mold remediation is all about removal, only dish soap is used in the cleaning process (to break surface tension).

Every supervisor and technician has been trained in the proper use of engineering controls, containment, low dust removal methods and proper handling of debris. More importantly, every employee is understanding and empathetic to the needs and sensitivities of all our clients.

In addition to providing skilled and professional mold remediation services, Reconstruction Services repairs the sources of water intrusion and carefully restores interior and exterior finishes damaged and contaminated by mold growth. Environmentally acquired illness, litigation, landlord/tenant disputes, buyer/seller disputes all require a little something extra; Reconstruction Services provides that and more. In your time of need, let our team of professionals help you.

Sheet Metal

Quality sheet metal work is a critical aspect of successful reconstruction projects and poor sheet metal work is often the repetitive weak link in countless construction litigation cases.


Our lathers and plasterers are specifically trained in the intricacies of lath, accessory and stucco applications and consistently perform to the highest standards.

Interior Repairs

The wide range of interior skills by our staff gives us the ability to complete work that ranges from the blood and guts of structural repairs to the finest white glove interior trim work.

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