Comprised of builders, architects, engineers and subcontractors, we perform all aspects of a reconstruction project. Through careful planning, consistent communication and in-house control of production, we are consistently able to meet scheduling requirements and overcome challenging site logistics. And by working closely with building owners and homeowner representatives, we minimize the impact on occupants.

Sheet Metal Fabrication & Installation

Quality sheet metal work is a critical aspect of successful reconstruction projects and poor sheet metal work is often the repetitive weak link in countless construction litigation cases.

Sheet metal "flashings" are the transitional components between waterproofing and building surfaces so it’s essential that they are properly fabricated and installed in order to keep buildings dry and sound. Since we only use in-house resources, we are able to closely monitor and control this work in order to provide the highest quality sheet metal in a very efficient manner.

In our 3,000 sq. ft. shop in Concord, CA, we have the tools and equipment necessary to fabricate a wide range of sheet metal specialties in all types of metals including galvanized, aluminum and copper.

Our specialty C43 license allows us to undertake work that ranges from:

  • Typical waterproofing "flashing" components including door pans, deck and roof flashings, transitional saddles
  • Specialty flashings including our U.S patented deck edge flashing
  • Specialty standing seam roofing assemblies
  • Specialty sheet metal fabrications including decorative roof components and kitchen exhaust hoods

Our team of installers is adept in meeting the production and scheduling demands of multi-residential projects as well as complicated installations of custom specialty fabrications.

  • Liquid Sugar Townhomes, Emeryville
  • St. Dominic's Church, Benicia
Liquid Sugar Townhomes, Emeryville
St. Dominic's Church, Benicia
Residential Remodel, Piedmont
Residential Remodel, Alamo
Miramar Apartments Foster, City