Comprised of builders, architects, engineers and subcontractors, we perform all aspects of a reconstruction project. Through careful planning, consistent communication and in-house control of production, we are consistently able to meet scheduling requirements and overcome challenging site logistics. And by working closely with building owners and homeowner representatives, we minimize the impact on occupants.

HOA Maintenance

To maintain the value of their homes, residential homeowners’ associations (HOAs) require periodic maintenance including roofing, painting and other minor repairs. Since deferred maintenance can lead to more substantial repairs, Reconstruction Services facilitates the resolution of deferred maintenance problems. By working in conjunction with Richard Avelar & Associates, we provide a full menu of services that assists in assessing the magnitude of a deferred maintenance concern to its repair.

We start by conducting building surveys to quantify the extent of problems that can be documented through visual observation. When visual surveys are insufficient to establish the necessary degree of accuracy, we implement destructive testing to analyze the as-built condition of building assemblies and to provide the basis for quantifying underlying substrate damage.

We then develop a budget and schedule for necessary repairs and assist in prioritizing repair work within the limitations of available funding.

  • 7th Street Townhomes, San Francisco
  • Miramar Apartments, Foster City
7th Street Townhomes,
San Francisco
Miramar Apartments,
Foster City