Stucco Adhesion – Preliminary Mock-up Testing (Interface Magazine, November 2015)
In order to explore a wide array of theories around “sticky stucco,” the company completed 8 rounds of comparative testing over a 2-year period. In this article, they describe the testing process, general observations, suppositions, analysis, findings, and recommendations. Read more >
Anatomy of a Leakage Investigation at a Concrete Floor Slab (Interface Magazine, July 2008)
Lonnie Haughton, CDT, LEED AP, documents a step-by-step methodology that can help investigators discern the cause-and-effect relationship between building characteristics and observed leakage. Read more >
The Wet Season for Paper-Faced Gypsum (Interface Magazine, June 2008)
To minimize the mold and mildew damage caused by water intrusion on paper-faced gypsum, which often results in litigation, authors Lonnie Haughton, CDT, LEED AP, and Colin Murphy, RRC, FRCI, recommend either using non-paper-based products or form barriers, flashings and seals at vulnerable points. Read more >
Concrete Slab-on-Grade Moisture Tests: How Useful Are the Testing Data When the Vapor Barrier May Be Ineffective? (Interface Magazine, November 2009)
How useful are the testing data when the vapor barrier may be ineffective? This article discusses the limitations of four common tests for evaluating moisture content or vapor emissions from concrete slabs before floor coverings are installed, and suggests multiple tests and an understanding of the slab’s design system are better indicators. Read more >